El was born and grew up in South Africa. At the age of 22, she discovered her love for Yoga, through meditation. Only later in her life, at the age of 28, did she discover the Yoga Postures (Asanas). These, she fell in love with. In fact, her love for Yoga took her halfway around the world to India where she experienced Yoga behind the walls of some of the Indian Ashrams.

El completed her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in South Africa in 2016. She is also part of the Yoga Teacher Fellowship in South Africa.

El discovered, after her teacher training, that she had a hip problem. After surgery, she returned to Yoga and found that her practice of Yoga eliminated her pain and accelerated her recovery. This experience enables El to relate to others who are restricted by bodily limitations. Yoga was her solution. She found strength, guidance and emotional liberation through her practice of Yoga. Through her own limitations she became more in tune with her students and their limitations.

El’s passion is to bring Yoga to the people, to help them with physical difficulties which will lead to an improvement in their general health, and to improve their peace of mind.

El also studied various meditation techniques, for example, Sahaj Marg – Natural Path; The Middle Way by Wat Buddha Johannesburg, and the School of Practical Philosophy.

El is passionate about the needs and goals of her clients. Through her own Yoga education and practice she believes Yoga can be for everyone.

El has always been a seeker after the meaning of life. In her life’s journey she has found that Yoga has provided a large part of her answer.

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