On-Site Yoga Instructor in JHB, Sandton and Midrand.

~ Yoga Gangeya travels within the Johannesburg and Midrand area.

~ All sessions are taught by a certified professional.

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Create a World-Class Innovative Workplace

In the modern workplace we all experience pressure; this pressure unfolds into stress, which can generate illness, anxiety and a lack of creativity. It also slows down productivity which leads to business revenue loss. Yoga is the perfect platform for finding peace, health and to stimulate creativity. Yoga Gangeya offers Corporate Yoga in Sandton, Midrand and Johannesburg North.

Benefits of yoga in the Corporate Environment:

Corporate Yoga Johannesburg Sandton Midrand Innovative workplace Yoga

For the Business yoga:

• Creates happy employees and stimulates productivity.

• Reduces absenteeism due to sickness.

• Makes the company more attractive to work for.

• Stimulates teamwork.

For the Employees yoga:

• Relieves stress and anxiety.

• Improves concentration and focus.

• Stimulates Creativity through awareness of the    present moment.

• Increase job satisfaction.

• Creates better posture.

• Techniques counteract the negetive effects from  long periods of sitting at your desk.

• Counteracts tech-neck.

For the Customer yoga:

• Leads to customer satisfaction due to increased creativity.

• Improves customer service due to the improved stress levels of employees.

The effects of yoga spill over into the employee’s life and thus to the

customer. These effects lead to a better future for the world.





What you need:

All you need is a space (conference room, large office or gym) and yoga mats.

Yoga Classes:

Anyone can do yoga: able-bodied persons; the disabled; old; young, etc.  With my yoga education and personal experience, I teach yoga in such a manner as to guide beginners and at the same time give options for those who prefer more advanced classes. In my classes, there are always variations for different levels of yoga. Yoga does not discriminate against any body type; all are welcome.

Corporate Yoga Johannesburg Sandton Midrand Innovative workplace yoga class

Corporate Yoga Fees

Group size:Once a week.Twice a week.
Group of 5 people:R600 per hour.R500 per hour.
Group of 10 people:R1000 per hour.R800 per hour.
Group of 20 people:R1600 per hour.R1400 per hour.

Meditation for Productivity

If your employees deal with stress, low morale, or emotional health issues, your company will benefit from a meditation program. Meditation is a simple effective method that can help your company to improve its productivity.

The Harvard Business School have concluded from their research that the two most effective business tools for the twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.

Benefits of Meditation in the Corporate Enviroment:

Coporate Yoga Johannesburg Sandton Midrand Meditation at work


• Enhance your creativity.

Reduces stress.

• Improves focus and memory.

• Promotes emotional health.

• Enhances Self-Awareness.

• Lengthens atttention span.

• Improves sleep.

Improves productivity.

Meditation class fees:

Group size:Duration:Once a week:Twice a week:
Up to 30 people.30 MinR400 R300
Up to 30 people.45 MinR600R500

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